Ski park - Mátraszentistván

Embraced by the highest villages of Hungary, the Ski park of Mátraszentistván is located in the Upper Mátra Mountains. Thanks to its developments, it has become one of the best-known ski centres in Hungary within a short period of time.

The lovers of winter sports can choose from 10 diverse ski pistes. Exciting curves for dynamic skiers and soft slopes for those who prefer comfortable skiing. Snow groomers and high-performance snow cannons work continuously to ensure excellent snow conditions and snow guarantee on the ski piste system that is nearly 4 kilometres long. The ski piste system of Mátraszentistván is located on a grassy hillside of excellent quality. Thanks to the developments carried out in recent years, it has become a family ski resort offering the largest number of services in Hungary. Currently, there are 8 modern elevators on the ski pistes, and the first newly-built four-person chairlift of our country was built here. Thanks to the careful piste maintenance, the skiing season generally lasts for about 90 days, which is exemplary in our country.

Due to its natural beauties (panorama, flower meadow), it is suggested to visit the Ski park in summer, as well.
The sights to visit and the excursion venues nearby include the Vörös-kő lookout tower, Ágasvár hilltop or the valley of the romantic and undiscovered Csörgő stream.

How to reach the place: On the Budapest – Gyöngyös – Mátraháza – Galyatető – Mátraszentlászló – Mátraszentistván route or from the direction of Pásztó.

More information:
Snow information: +36 37 376 685 (it can be called during the opening hours only)