Cifra Stable and Carriage Museum - Parádfürdő

Built in 1880 in eclectic style by the plans of Miklós Ybl, Cifra Stable is home to the Carriage Museum along with horses. The exhibition gives an extensive view of the history of carriage making from the invention of the wheel to the decorative aristocratic coaches.
It was the dream of György Károlyi to have a luxurious stable built, which matches the castle located in the bathing area. It is no wonder that the wood beam, red brick building with outside decorations and red marble surfaces inside was called Cifra (meaning flashy). The first part of the exhibition, which is located in the coach house and was opened in 1971, provides an insight into the history of the once world-famous Hungarian carriage making through the invention of the wheel and the presentation of trades like cooper, locksmith and smith. Along with the original coaches and carriages of the 19th and 20th century, it is also possible to see sleighs, hunting wagons, hansoms and fiacres here. The most beautiful pieces of the exhibition are the ceremonial coaches of the Parliament and Esztergom. Most of the carriages to be seen here were manufactured in the workshop of the highly respected Kölber brothers at the end of the 1800s.
In the Cifra Stable we can get to know 9 different Hungarian horse breeds that have a worthy place in the stable with special marble surfaces.
A new service is the carriage ride with Lipizzaner horses, which are bred locally, in picturesque environment.

A prior appointment shall be made at +36 30 182 6505.
Parád, Kossuth Lajos út 217, H-3240