Lifestyle Hotel Mátra

Pampering recreation for body and soul

Discover the world of the AMETHYST SPA on 1,200 m2, which invites its guests to relax with the perfect harmony of carefree experience and tranquillity. The pampering recreation is guaranteed by two leisure pools, sauna, steam room and cave shower. The lovers of a more intimate, “textile-free” sauna use are welcomed by the natural wellness with a separate relaxation area.

Opening hours / every day: 08:00 am – 08:00 pm

Quiet pool time: 08:00 am – 09:00 am, 07:00 pm – 08:00 pm (only for guests 14 years old and over)

Outdoor pool and Jacuzzi 09:00 am –  08:00 pm (depending on weather)

Where it’s fun to splash...

Indoor pools

Swimming and leisure pools with 2 jacuzzis, jacuzzi beds and a panoramic view

  • Size: 60 m2
  • Depth: 120 cm
  • Water temperature: 33 – 34 °C

Leisure pool with 3 jacuzzi beds and a lazy river connected to the pool

  • Size: 40 m2,
  • Depth: 120 cm deep
  • Water temperature: 32 – 33 °C

Children’s pool with a fairytale view

  • Depth: 50 cm
  • Water temperature: 34-36 °C

Outdoor pools

Outdoor leisure pool

  • Size: 15×8 m
  • Depth: 118 cm
  • Water temperature: 32 °C

Outdoor Jacuzzi

  • Diameter: 3 metres, perfect for 8 persons
  • Depth: 100 cm
  • Water temperature: 36 °C

Our outdoor pools can be used depending on the weather between June and September .

Sauna World

The place for the recreation of body and soul

Our sauna world awaits its guests longing for special recreation and perfect harmony with 4 different saunas, a steam room and cave shower.


Finnish sauna – pleasure for the body

  • Its temperature is 85 – 95 °C, with 10% humidity,
  • 12 – 15 guests can use the sauna at the same time comfortably.
  • The Finnish sauna helps the detoxification process, stimulates metabolism, loosens and warms up the muscles. It stimulates the functioning of the cardiovascular system, strengthens the immune system and enhances skin elasticity

Bio sauna – natural harmony – The Bio sauna is currently out of service due to technical reasons

  • Its temperature is 55 – 60 °C, with 45 – 50% humidity,
  • 8 guests can use the sauna at the same time comfortably,
  • The bio sauna stimulates all our sense organs, this is how it exerts its effect on the body and soul. It contains herbs and essential oils based on natural substances only.

Infrared sauna – the sauna of modern times

  • The only place where our body becomes warm from the inside out, and not from the outside in.
  • Its temperature is 55 – 60 °C, with 45 – 50% humidity,
  • 8 guests can use the sauna at the same time comfortably,
  • It uses infrared radiation to cleanse our body. The body warms up gently, the pores open wide, and the infrared goes 4-5 cm deep under the skin. Then, it exerts its blessed effect in the muscles, joints and tissues, hereby increasing the oxygen flow and circulation.

Aroma room – the essence of sauna use

  • Its temperature is 50 – 60 °C, with 20 – 30% humidity,
  • 8 guests can use the sauna at the same time comfortably,
  • The scent of herbs permeates the sauna. Dried herbs are put in the steam pot. Their released aroma has a stress-relieving, skin care and airway-cleaning effect.

Steam room – the “inner shower”

  • Its temperature is 45 – 55 °C, with about 80 – 100% humidity
  • 8 guests can use the sauna at the same time comfortably,
  • The pores of the skin open wide on 45-50 °C. Temperature higher than this with such humidity would be unbearable for the body. The thick air cleans, nourishes and regenerates the epithelial tissues. As a result of the warm air, the lungs and the respiratory tracts become clear, the circulation boosts, the heartbeat accelerates.
Experiences after sauna, too...

Connected to the sauna world, there is also a leisure shower cave and an ice fountain awaiting those longing for refreshment.
Once a day, our Guests have the possibility to try different sauna ceremonies.

Sauna ceremonies:

  • Beery
    The sauna master pours beery water on the stove, thanks to which a scent similar to freshly baked bread permeates the sauna. Vitamins found in beer make the skin silky.
  • Salty
    During the salty infusion, we can rub our skin wet with sweat with sea salt distributed by the sauna master, and this way we can get rid of the skin cells that become swollen and dead during the sauna use. As a result, 3 millions of sweat glands become much more active.
  • Honey
    With the combination of the heat of the Finnish sauna and the beneficial effect of honey, our skin will breathe, become silky and revive after we spread honey on our body.
  • Icy
    During the icy infusion, the intensive hot air of the Finnish sauna is mixed with ice, and, thanks to the expertise of the sauna master, a pleasant shiver goes up and down our body more times during the sauna use, as a result of which happiness hormones are released.

For the exact time and the seasonal specialties, contact the Wellness front desk, where our colleagues are pleased to reply to your questions.


Natural Wellness – the relaxed recreation

The followers of the classic, textile-free sauna use can enjoy the charm of the traditional sauna use in the Natural Wellness area of LifeStyle Hotel. There are also two leisure showers that make the experience truly unforgettable here.

Fitness – keep moving!

Don’t give up on the joy of freedom given by movement! On the Wellness floor of our hotel, we await the lovers of sports with a fitness room satisfying all needs and a wonderful panorama.

We also provide a heart rate monitor watch and a pedometer at the front desk of the spa area.


Treadmill – TUNTURI T80

This treadmill is designed for those who wish to push their limits from training to training.
There is a thick, specially designed orthopaedic treadmill mat on the fully shock-absorbing tread, which gives us the feeling of running in nature, and it is also diversified by the unique, contactless speed control system.
The programme of the versatile treadmill includes a pulse control mode, editable programmes, two fitness tests (Cooper test and 2 km walking) as well as a race function.

– Incline: 0-12%

– Speed and incline remote control

Elliptical machine – TUNTURI P-C80

Stable frame, elegant design and versatile knowledge. The elliptical machine is characterized by excellent workout ergonomics thanks to the large inertia weight and the large stride length.
Pulse and performance control programmes
Target heart rate zone measuring


Ergometer – TUNTURI E60R

The machine has a variety of pulse control training programmes, with personalised, productive, but especially safe training results.

40 different programmes, pulse control and resistance control
Possibility for competition

Abdominal bench

In line with the exercises of different intensity, the incline of the premium quality abdominal bench is adjustable, and the position of the footrest can be adjusted to the height of its user individually.

Adjustable bench

The adjustable bench provides stability that is essential for performing free weight exercises. Its extremely strong frame can be loaded with 150 kg of user weight and further 150 kg of exercise weight.
The incline of the backrest and that of the seat area can be adjusted in several positions.