Sástó Tourist Centre - Sástó

The Sástó Lake is located a few kilometres from Mátrafüred. The 53-metre-high lookout tower, which is even visible from afar, originally operated as an oil rig in Algyő. Make the effort to go up the tower, as there is a beautiful view from its terraces. On clear days, even the River Tisza and the Buda Hills can be seen from here.
There are drawings helping bird identification and carved wooden birds that can be touched on the first-floor terrace, while there is a telescope and pictures of landscapes with captions facilitating the identification of sights on the third-floor terrace.
It is also suggested to visit the adventure park nearby and to make an excursion to the Rákóczi spring following the yellow + signal, and, from there, to pass through the Muzsla lookout tower on the yellow lane signal.

More information, registration of groups:
Sástó Tourist Centre
Phone: +36 70 933 3166, +36 37 311 732
E-mail: sasto@vgrt.hu

Source: https://www.gyongyos-matra.hu/termeszeti-ertekek-2/kilatok/sasto-kilato/