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discover the Mátra Mountains rich in natural resources

All facilities are available for active relaxation close to our hotel.

You can try the dog-drawn carriage or the segway, you can explore the surrounding areas with an electric bicycle. The “Kéktúra” routes starting from the hotel are of varying difficulty, so you can also go with children, but professional hikers will also find a challenge for themselves. From many viewpoints you can enjoy a wonderful panorama, e.g. from the TV tower located at the highest point of our country or from the Galyatető lookout point.

Our offer of animated programmes

  • Nordic walking tours: along with the relief of the joints and the improvement of physical fitness, it makes leisure time spent actively a real experience with its countless positive effects.
  • Tours, walks: on the heights surrounding the hotel, we discover the romantic and undiscovered beauties of the Mátra Mountains in wonderful environment, on hiking trails with different levels of difficulty.
  • Aqua-fitness: a light, joint-sparing, but still intensive musical form of movement, which can be an excellent choice for our younger as well as senior guests.
  • Toning and shaping workouts: pleasant exercises for the development of the muscles, a perfect shape and a tighter skin.
  • Stretching: it is applied either after a power exercise as cooling down, or as a general stretching and relaxation exercise – it regenerates and refreshes the tones of the muscles.
  • Gymnastics for postural correction: we do simple, but very effective exercises to find the correct posture and strengthen muscles required for this.
  • Water gymnastics for adults: the movement therapy in water is an excellent opportunity for the development of muscles and joints.
  • Recreational soul gymnastics / meditation gymnastics: a relaxing exercise, creating harmony between body and soul and energizing them.
  • Body harmonizing training: by stimulating and coordinating muscles localized to the middle part of the body as well as creating balance between the muscles and joints, this training may also function as prevention.
  • Outdoor fitball and resistance training: fitball exercises done in the fresh air are the best form of movement for those suffering from back pain.

Children’s Paradise

Once upon a time, far far away, there is a special hotel embraced by the wonderful Mátra Mountains, where the magical Children’s Paradise awaits the offspring open to unforgettable adventures...

Areas to be discovered in the Children’s Paradise:

Kis Gida Playhouse
outdoor playground in the park
free animated programmes for children

Fun and games, animated programmes for children

  • water games: fun in the water with games of skills development helping to get used to water,
  • creative handicraft programmes for little artists: when dexterity, the need for various creations and imagination all play an important role.
  • water gymnastics: coordination and playful gymnastic exercises done in water develop the emotional as well as functional skills of children,
  • children’s gymnastics: either outdoors in the crystal-clear air, or indoors in the spacious gym of the hotel. Skills development exercises for the harmonious development of youngsters.