Parádsasvár glass manufacture - Parádsasvár

The region of the Mátra Mountains has a glass manufacturing tradition dating back almost 800 years. The manufacturing of bottles and jars in larger quantities began during the time of Rákóczi in the region. The glass factory found its permanent location in Parádsasvár in 1767. Real glassblowing can be seen in the Parádsasvár glass manufacture only. The glass manufacture fulfils mostly individual orders (e.g. antique lampshades, glasses, luminaires, chalices and goblets).
The visitors can try glassblowing here: they can blow their own glasses. Glassblowing presentations start every hour. The capacity of the building is limited: it is suitable for receiving no more than 25 persons at the same time. It is possible to make an appointment via e-mail or on the phone, and it is suggested due to the capacity of the building.

More information, prior appointment:
Phone: +36 70 621 4813, +36 70 632 0555, +36 20 444 6161

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