Kékestető Lookout Tower and TV tower - Kékestető

The TV tower-lookout awaits its visitors in Kékestető, not far from the peak stone indicating the highest point of Hungary on 1,014 metres.
On the lower floor of the 180-metre-high TV tower, which is visible from afar already, there is a covered as well as an open lookout terrace, where we can enjoy a 360-degree view. If the hikers are lucky enough, they can even have a view of the ranges of the Tatra Mountains to the north if the sky is clear.

More information: www.kekesteto.hu
Phone: +36 37 567 007

Source: https://www.gyongyos-matra.hu/termeszeti-ertekek-2/kilatok/tv-torony-kilato-kekesteto/