House of Minerals - Gyöngyösoroszi

The exhibition focuses on the minerals and ores explored and mined in the Mátra Mountains and the region of Gyöngyösoroszi for several decades. The traceable memories of the Gyöngyösoroszi mine, which is already closed by now, as well as the tools of ore processing are presented in archive photos.
Located 9 kilometres away from Gyöngyös after Gyöngyösoroszi and in the direction of Károlytáró, the House of Minerals awaits its Visitors with a unique mineral collection in the heart of the Mátra Mountains. Along with the mining values and the most beautiful minerals of the Mátra Mountains, Hungary and the Carpathian basin, the House of Minerals presents minerals from many parts of the world. With its more than 3,000 minerals on the exhibition area of nearly 600 m2, one of the biggest private collections in Central Europe provides an opportunity for recreation with enriching experiences for children and adults alike.

H-3211 Gyöngyösoroszi
Károlytáró (land registry number:) 703/14
At the 9th kilometre
Phone: +36 70 930 3869