Harkály Ház (Woodpecker House) - Mátrafüred

The Harkály Ház (Woodpecker House), where the visitors can get to know the characteristic bird and plant species of the Mátra Mountains with the help of interactive elements, is located in Mátrafüred. The permanent indoor exhibition presents the natural, cultural and historical values of the Mátra Mountains, the habitats and the traditional use of landscape from the aspect of nature conservation. Along with interactive worksheets, multimedia devices and touch screen terminals, there are also maquettes, model tables, dioramas and models that are available to the guests. Also, there is a nature trail leading to Sástó connected to the Harkály Ház in Mátrafüred, and it can be visited either independently or as part of a guided tour.
The Harkály Ház awaits the interested people with presentations connected to nature conservation and natural sciences between November and March, on the first Thursday of each month, starting at 17:30.

Mátrafüred, Parádi út 6.
E-mail: harkalyhaz@bnpi.hu
Website: www.harkalyhaz.hu