Gyöngyös Zoo - Gyöngyös

Opened in 2004, the Gyöngyös Zoo is only an hour’s drive from Budapest by car. The Zoo is home to 92 animal species living in its park on 2 hectares.
It is a popular sight in Gyöngyös, as it includes a petting zoo, as well. Along with the animals being native in Hungary, the zoo is home to a number of exotic animal species, such as lions, lamas, zebras, boa constrictors and suricates. The visitors have the possibility to buy some Zoo food to feed the animals in the Zoo.
It provides perfect entertainment for all age groups, and a giant playground has also been set up on the territory of the Zoo for the children. It is also possible to try the bounce house and the pony ride here. There are goats, sheep as well as bunnies in the petting zoo.

H-3200 Gyöngyös, Damjanich utca 31. (Gyöngyösoroszi junction)
Phone: +36 37 503 035, +36 30 655 1456

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