Galya lookout tower - Galyatető

With its spectacular renewal, the Galya lookout tower has become a real attraction in the Mátra Mountains.

The state of the 17-metre-high lookout tower built in 1934 deteriorated badly, not to mention that it was possible to see the view only in a northern direction due to the high trees. The lookout tower renovated in 2015 has become a real architectural rarity. The lookout tower built 13 metres higher offers a wonderful 360-degree panoramic view at a height of 30 metres. With the original andesite walls being fortified, the fair-faced concrete elevation hides three so called bivouac rooms. The colourful round windows have a unique atmosphere, but only those can feel it who prefer the most simple bivouac accommodation with sleeping bags. The one-way stairs (up and down) are found outside the lookout tower.

The security gate of the lookout tower is operated with a 200 Forint coin. It is open every day between 8:00 and 20:00.

More information:
Phone: +36 37 506 011