Dog sled tour - Mátrafüred

The tour led by Tamás Hering, European champion in sled dog racing, offers an extraordinary experience, which is coupled with the diverse fauna and flora of the Mátra Mountains presenting a different face in each season. The dogsled pulled by huskies can be tried in winter in the snow, and, also, it is possible to take a tour with a Huskycar in summer. Those who are interested are awaited by 8 to 12 enthusiastic dogs with a very big need for exercise, which is typical of this breed. During the programme lasting for at least 2 hours, the life of the champion dog sled driver and his dogs can be learnt. Everybody can participate in the programme irrespective of their age, and it can be organised at an agreed date any time if weather permits.

+36 30 923 9252 (It can be called every day between 13:00 and 17:00.)
H-3232 Mátrafüred,
Parádi út 23.